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"The definition of a successful person is simply an ordinary person with extraordinary determination. You cannot keep a determined person from success. If you place stumbling blocks in her way, she will take them for stepping-stones and will use them to climb to new heights. The one who succeeds has a goal, a dream, and makes her plans and follows them." ~ Mary Kay Ash

Miss Go-Give Award 2016 - Nurul Shakirin Binti Nordin Lewis

Miss Go-Give® Award 2016

Nurul Shakirin Binti Nordin Lewis

Independent Executive Senior Sales Director

Grateful - is the word I would express to Allah swt who send His blessings and unconditional love all the way to me. Then, to all Sales Directors and Beauty Consultants, mentors and mentees who nominated me. I am Grateful for my Senior National Sales Director Pam Fortenberry-Slate and her mother Emeritus Pat Fortenberry who have shared their trust and belief in me for 13 years. I am Grateful for my recruiter, my teachers, my Beauty Consultants in my Falcons unit and future area, my beloved offspring, their offspring and units. And to my power partners who are always by my side. To our corporate partners who trust that I will help them to mentor and educate our salesforce all over Malaysia.

I am sincerely blessed and honored to receive this prestigious Go Give award and I dedicate it to all the Sales Directors who have nominated me all these years. All of you inspire me to be a better leader and teacher. Every Sales Director recited "perpetuating the true Mary Kay Go Give spirit" as part of the Sales Director oath when we debuted, I embrace this value and strive to live out each day.

At the beginning of my Mary Kay journey 13 years ago, I was lacking in confidence and felt uncertain each time I met a prospect or encountered a challenging situation in leading others. I just joined Mary Kay to look and feel better, but I believe our founder Mary Kay Ash chose me to live my passion and discover my true life purpose which is to teach, mentor and help others unleash their God given potential, watching them in turn become mentors and great leaders. All this happened whilst witnessing my personal life and family transform positively through this beauty career. Living as an example to others, inspire others to achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams despite whatever challenges we may face. This is the "WHY" I discovered 10 years ago when I was about to give up, the mission of enriching women's lives made me became more determined to stay on in Mary Kay and carry on this legacy. The faith and values that my late parents instilled in me, the unconditional love and support from my beloved husband and family show through their sacrifice to allow me to grow and to help others. It all turn into a great force to keep me moving forward.

In today's competitive world of "Go Get"; to me, Go Give is not just about what one does but is about who you are, it is not just between you and your Mary Kay family but any of God's beings. It is about unconditional love, belief, serving and caring, giving and forgiving- especially during challenging times. It's not just about "hard work" but more of "heart work". Wasn't it our beloved founder who once said "you can never be truly successful until you help enough people get what they want from life". And this was evident when i witnessed one of my beloved offspring debut as Malaysia's First National Sales Director. I was filled with pride and the satisfaction was overwhelming. I thank Allah for giving me the strength to persist and to live so I can witness it happened.

With this great honor comes greater responsibility, to carry on the path which is guided by honesty, humility, integrity and unconditional love. I am now more than ever committed to help more people live inspired lives and be an inspiration to others through the gifts and wisdom through the experiences Allah bestowed on me. To continue my life's purpose which is to be a significant part in others lives. I promise to continue to teach, mentor and help whenever I am needed regardless of race, religion or area.

We are indeed pieces of a puzzle which forms a whole, bigger picture because we understand that we cannot live on our own. In this seminar, I hear once again one of my favorite Mary Kay Ash quotes which sums up why I will carry on the legacy she passed on - "Each of us is an angel with only one wing, and we can fly only by embracing each other..." Let us light up our paths wherever we go as a shiny example of how Mary Kay truly turns dreams into reality!

2016 Queen of Personal Sales - Eunice Chew Chiew Furn

2016 Queen of Personal Sales

Eunice Chew Chiew Furn

Independent Sales Director

I am really blessed and honored to be crowned as Queen Of Personal Sales of 2016! My one year of persistent hard work, passion in sharing our Mary Kay awesome products, coupled with determination to reach my goals paid off.

First of all, I would like to thank our inspirational founder, Mary Kay Ash for creating this amazing company with a heart that enrich millions of women's lives around the world including myself! I joined Mary Kay in July last year and I have never looked back. I absolutely love our products, our sisterhood culture and the support plus trainings provided by the Company. It is truly a blessing to be in this wonderful company who know exactly what women wants and provide a platform for all women to shine!

Mary Kay has transformed my life tremendously and allowed me to rediscover myself! In the past, I was a stay-at-home mum, constantly caught in between parenthood and career. My husband travels frequently overseas due to his job commitment. I had to sacrifice my career as a SIA Cabin Crew and subsequently a Nail Spa owner to care for my two growing kids as I do not have any helper. Mary Kay business has helped me to achieve a balanced family life as I am able to do something I enjoy after settling the needs of my kids. I also do not have to worry about rental compared to my previous business and I get to plan my own schedules and work around the needs of my children.

What's more, I am also able to reconnect with all my friends through the sharing of skincare benefits. The satisfaction and fulfillment of seeing the improvement of their skin and their beliefs in me keeps me going. To me, this is priceless and what money can't buy. A big Thank You to all my lovely customers for your continuous support!

I am truly blessed to have a super supportive hubby who encourages me, who help me to care for our kids whenever he is back from overseas so that I am able to focus on my Mary Kay business. Thank you, my wonderful hubby! You are the best and I greatly appreciate your every effort to allow me to give my best to this business!

I wish to thank my recruiter Senior Sales Director - Florinda Tay for inviting me to this magical world of Mary Kay! Thank you Flo for your support and guidance for the past one year! Also to my National Sales Director - Dawn Chia who has always been a great role model and inspiration to me! Thank you for your love, encouragement and blessings!

Last but not least, my wish is to Enrich More Women's Lives especially women in the same situation, same dilemma of struggles between a career and family. I would like to inspire them to build a balanced family lifestyle and achieve financial freedom just like me!

Mary Kay Ash once said: "Don't Limit Yourself. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, you can achieve. Dare to grow into your dreams and claim this as your motto: Let it be me." If I can do it so can you!

2016 Queen of Personal Sales - Ling Su Ing

2016 Queen of Personal Sales

Ling Su Ing

Independent Sales Director

I am thrilled that I can be crowned as Queen of Personal Sales once again! I am grateful for everything that happened this year that helped me to realize my dream, continue to improve and grow in many aspects. Mary Kay is truly an awesome beauty career, I have become prettier and confident with my outlook, and it helps me to discover a clear goal in my life. Perhaps some beauty consultants might wonder how to work on this beauty career and generate more sales to complete your goal? I would like to share some of my secrets: Firstly, remember to set your goal, always remind yourself the number of skin care class that you should complete, your sales target and company's challenge. Then, utilize all the resources and promotion provided by the company to plan your sales strategy. Most importantly, be persistent in organizing your skin care class, this is a platform where you are closest with your customers, provide them with your personalized service and skin care consultation. Now you might be wondering how to expand your customer base? In business, working alone could be tough, therefore develop hostess is part of your business. A good hostess will recommend or help you invite people out of your social circle to help you grow your customer base, they could be your best assistant or marketing tool!

In addition, don't forget the training provided by company, practice your "shoe box exercise" and 222 service, always remind yourself to follow up with your customers and share latest product information or promotion with them. Make them feel "connected" with Mary Kay, or send your blessing during their birthday month and make them "feel important". This is one of the Mary Kay values and it plays such an important role in customer service. Most importantly, practice Mary Kay values in your daily life, treat everyone with a sincere heart, take care of their skin just like yours, and provide them the best personalized service that they can't find elsewhere!

In this beauty career, regardless of how many times you have been rejected or failed, as long as you are persistent, always improve yourself in every aspect, continue to learn and work hard, you will certainly achieve any goal you have in your mind. If I can do it, I believe you can too!

2016 Queen of Sharing - Ong Loo Yee

2016 Queen of Sharing

Ong Loo Yee

Independent Senior Sales Director

First of all, I am very grateful that God has put me in the right place, I can let my talent shine through in my Mary Kay career! Thank you Mary Kay Ash whom established this dream company for every woman and provide us a platform to realize our dream, discover our inner potential and believe in the intrinsic value within ourselves. I am also thankful that I met with my Sales Director – Hua Jun when I felt lost in life, she was the one who brought me into the pink world of Mary Kay, and helped me to discover my self-value and goals in life. I started my Mary Kay career immediately after I graduated, there were some people who questioned my decision. Words of encouragement and support are my motivation, while discouragement is my greatest force to not give up and keep moving forward!

During this journey, I have learnt to turn every stumbling block into a stepping stone; it is our chance to learn and climb higher! Thank you to my unit members who grown together with me along the journey, they are angels sent from God to help me deliver happiness and beauty to every woman around us, and continue to enrich women lives. I am grateful that they trusted me and gave me unconditional support, especially my beloved brother – Frank, he encouraged me and held my hand to accomplish every challenges together during my weakest moments, I am eternally grateful for that!

If you ask me what is the secret of success to be crowned as Queen Court of Sharing? I would say that, "It is not a question of will, it is only a question of how." I want to surpass my own limit, thus I march forward and face the foe bravely. Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal, therefore set your eyes on the goal, be persistent and believe that success is waiting ahead of you!

2016 Queen of Unit Production - Iris Lim Jing Yi

2016 Queen of Unit Production

Iris Lim Jing Yi

Independent Executive Senior Sales Director

Thank God for His blessing! Thank you Mary Kay Ash for creating a Company that enriches women's lives and heartfelt thanks to the Company's staff for their help and guidance. I am grateful that NSD Grace Kao shares her love and blessing all the way from Taiwan to Malaysia and enrich our lives. Thank you my recruiter Lin Ai for her blessing and my Senior Sales Director Snow for leading as example and guide me to march forward together, thank you every mentors who uphold Go-Give spirit and guided me along the journey. Most importantly, I would like to thank my family, especially my sister Jaclyn, my unit and Offspring Units for their effort and hard work to accomplish our ultimate dream!

I feel extremely honored to be crowned as 2016 Queen Court of Unit Production, and I am very pleased to represent my Goddess Unit to receive this significant award. This award belongs to my unit members, it is a recognition on their dedication and hard work! All of us came from different regions, we have different characters, we have different dreams, and we are united because of the urge to realize all of our dreams, and today we have made a historic moment for our unit! Thank you for your effort and dedication all year long, you have worked hard to improve your knowledge in this business to became a professional beauty consultant, to deliver beauty service and help those around you to build their confidence. We are working in a Company with love and our mission is to pass on the love. Just focus, work hard, and continuously work on the same routine, this is how we realize our dreams! This is Mary Kay career, it's so simple! "Your attitude determines your altitude". Every challenge might be a blessing in disguise, therefore remind yourself to keep on learning, hold on to your beliefs, listen to your mentor and continuously work on your career, and you will be walking on the path to success.

I strongly believe that if we can do it, you can too! To my Goddess unit, we are the best! Thank you, love you all!