Money Rewards

With a Mary Kay business, you can decide what motivates you, set your goal and go for it!

Global Enterprise


Mary Kay Inc. is one of the largest direct sellers of skin care and color cosmetics in the world. More than two million women in more than 35 countries around the world are Independent Beauty Consultants with Mary Kay. By offering enthusiastic people the opportunity to sell quality products, Mary Kay has become a global, billion-dollar company.

Products To Share


Most of our independent Beauty Consultants began their Mary Kay business because they simply loved using the products and wanted to share them with other people.



Our Independent Beauty Consultants enjoy being part of a world-wide community that fosters encouragement, friendship and motivation. With Mary Kay you are in business for yourself but never by yourself as the company provides many types of ongoing education and support.

Pampered With Luxury


Mary Kay awards millions of Ringgit Malaysia in prizes that will pamper you with sparkling jewelry, luxury trips and the legendary career car program.

Mary Kay Ash believed that she could change people's lives by offering them an unlimited business opportunity. She started her "dream company" over fifty years ago; understanding that women would embrace the opportunity to create a balance between their faith, family life and their work.



Be recognized for every success you've achieved. One of Mary Kay's guiding philosophies is that she often stressed the importance of recognizing the accomplishments of others. And she constantly encouraged both the corporate staff and the independent sales force to act as if each person they met was wearing a sign around his or her neck that read "Make me feel important".