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Meet Your First National Sales Director - Nafisah Omar!

Nafisah Omar

Nafisah Omar
National Sales Director

If you are looking to learn from a leader who achieved greatest success in her business – look no further! Introducing to you our First Independent National Sales Director in Malaysia, Nafisah Omar.

She joined Mary Kay Malaysia in March 2008. Within seven months of consistently working her business, she debuted as an Independent Sales Director in August 2008 and earned her first Mary Kay Pink Career Car. Can you believe that all these happened to her within one year after trying TimeWise® Miracle Set®? To find out more about the secrets behind her success, we managed to get hold of Nafisah to share with us her Mary Kay journey.

Get to Know Nafisah

Prior to joining Mary Kay, she worked in banking sector which is known as a high occupational stress industry. She was exhausted from her stressful job, the long working hours and motherhood led her to look for a solution that could provide time freedom and a lucrative income. "I was a bank manager before I fully commit in my Mary Kay business. My days were filled with hectic schedule and long working hours, work life balance is a complete myth to me. I often put in extra hours in my job, soon I realized it was a bad idea as I was putting my health at risk and I'm drifting further away from my family, especially my young children. The emotional guilt hits me, I know I need to get more involved in their lives."

She continues, "And during that time, my skin was dull and unhealthy due to my busy lifestyle, I had no time to take care of my appearance, needless to say about choosing the right skin care products. I was introduced to Mary Kay skin care products through my colleague when I noticed her skin condition has improved. That's when I started to try on my very first TimeWise® Miracle Set®, to my amazement, not only it did wonders on my skin, but to my life as well."

A New Beginning

The choice to become an Independent Beauty Consultant began with her positive product experience which opened her eyes to Mary kay business opportunity. Little did she know, this was just the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

"It struck me that a successful career requires devotion, so does a successful and healthy family relationship. I know that young children demand for much love and attention from their parents. But raising children and building up career often collide. Is there a solution? Yes. I found my answer in Mary Kay. I decided to quit my job in 2010 and fully concentrate in expanding my Mary Kay business. It was a biggest turning point in my life. Over the years, I am able to maintain a successful business without all the stress of owning a conventional business, and it all started with a very little capital. The flexibility of this business allows me to earn while taking care of my children which is an extra bonus I didn't have before. At the same time, I feel fulfilled and contented as I am able to enrich other women's lives and help them to reach their goals."

A Passion to Success

Nafisah has learned through her Mary Kay business that anyone can design her life and be happy in what she does. She loves her current lifestyle, and most of all, she loves that she is able to share her life with other women. She continues to grow strong while helping others see their potential and move up the career path.

"After years of working on my Mary Kay business, I found out that this business is more than selling skin care and make-up products, we are in a business of inspiring and empowering women, to help them regain confidence, improving self-development and discovering self-worth. I've recruited many consultants and I'compassionate, hard-working and motivated women – a strong team of leaders."

When asked about her secrets to success, she said "Firstly, you must love what you do, therefore having passion in your work is very important, it infuses energy and motivation in your every action. I also believe that consistency, personal discipline are solid indicators for success. I highly recommend weekly plan sheet and create your To Do List daily, which helps to consistently monitor our progress and make necessary adjustment if needed."

As an Independent National Sales Director, she is now taking on a greater responsibility than before, "Being a leader myself, I know I have the ability to make a bigger impact and be an influencer, I can make a difference in the lives of others. When I witness the positive changes in a woman's life, it turns into a strong force that keeps me moving forward. I am motivated to help others because I love seeing them grow in confidence, discover their inner potential and achieve their dreams, able to have new opportunities and achieve greatness. It's my joy to be able to give back and be an inspiration to others!"

The Mary Kay Culture

Immersing in Mary Kay cultures all these years, Nafisah realized that she has transformed to a better self.

"In Mary Kay, I also learned that our actions and words have a huge impact in other's lives too, therefore I always believed in the Golden Rules. I learned to be more understanding and put myself in others shoes, see things from their perspective and be more mindful in words. The biggest change in my life, I would say I am now a more caring person, I have become a better listener, I am more tolerant, I pay more attention to my team, I listen to them and also to their unspoken words. I have learned not to come with preconceived notions, and I don't ‘make it about me'. That is what's so beautiful about the Go-Give spirit, it allows you to appreciate others and to make them feel important."

The Transformation of Her life

Carry on Mary Kay's mission has become an integral part of her life. She said, "Now, I am able to plan and work around my family and personal life. Building my Mary Kay business is such fun! I went for overseas holidays with my family every year and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Being able to spend more time with my children and knowing that everything is well taken care of is priceless! My husband is my No. 1 cheerleader. Without his support, I would never have the success and accomplishments that I've now. I am thankful for my customers and unit members for the trust and support in me, and recognize qualities in me I never knew I had. I feel responsible to show my gratitude by offering hope and resources for them, and vowed to myself that I will try my very best to bring them to the places they have never dreamed, to unleash their inner potential and see them bloom in their career or in life."

Words of Advice to New Independent Beauty Consultant

One piece of advice she has for other independent beauty consultants is to persevere in your business, be disciplined in doing your daily personal work, be consistent and simply work hard! "There will be highs and there will be lows. It's a business. That's life. But if you set your goals, stay focused and take steps each day to achieve those goals, you will eventually reach there."