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Meet Your Independent National Sales Director - Jane Lee

Jane Lee

Jane Lee
Independent National Sales Director

Timing is everything. When the newly debut Independent National Sales Director Jane Lee was introduced to Mary Kay in 2005, she was just an ordinary lady who lacked confidence and was always searching for purpose in life. "I was working in the hairdressing industry before I entered the journey as a stay-at-home mother," she said. "The dull life as a housewife has made me gradually lost interest in life, and my social network was getting smaller, I had no friends!" Jane knew something had to change - but how? One day while Jane travelled back to her hometown, she met her long lost classmate whom then invited her to attend a Skin Care Class after knowing her conditions. "That was the first time I met my current mentor - Grace Kao, and I was instantly drawn by her charm and her happy-go-lucky attitude! As she shared her income, I was intrigued as I barely had any income that time!"

What has changed in your life?

In 2005, I joined as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I looked like any ordinary housewife and felt unattractive back then, but now I look completely different, I am more confident with my appearance and my skin, thanks to Mary Kay's wonderful products! Apart from that, I found myself surrounded by supportive women in this beauty career and constantly praise me to success. I used to be a pessimist but now I no longer have negative thoughts running in my mind, I am more enthusiastic towards life, feeling happier and contented than ever!

What were your challenges when you first joined Mary Kay?

I had very low self-confidence, it was hard for me to speak publicly in front of everyone. Fortunately, Mary Kay is a company that empowers women in every aspect whereby there is a great education system to provide you the necessary knowledge that will equip you and guide you through your business. We were not restricted by our education or social background. We got all the education for free! The first few months were tough as I had no idea on how to make a booking, but I started my first class with my maid at home with only one goal in mind - to make her look pretty. I felt happy and the satisfaction from making others look beautiful has stirred up my passion in beauty, hence I continue doing Skin Care Class with people around me and there was where I slowly built up my confidence and started to expand my social network. I did it by sharing my heart and have sincere conversations with my customers. What's more, just simply follow the proven formula - POWER 10!

What is your secret of success in Mary Kay career?

Skin Care Class is the key to success of all Mary Kay businesses. Therefore, develop a good working habit is essential in building your business. When I first started my Mary Kay business, I used weekly plan sheets to set a weekly goal to make sure I stay on the right track and have enough appointments. Now I use it to better arrange my personal life schedule and also keep track on my business appointments. If you are wondering whether I practice POWER 10, I can assure you, yes I did! It is a proven formula to work your business. Now my business is expanding, I have turned the 333+1 formula to 555+2 formula in order to keep pace with my growing business. It's not always easy, but you can do it. Consistency is the key to success!

How does Mary Kay career transform your life?

Mary Kay has given me an opportunity to realize my biggest dream: To be the pillar of strength for my family. Now I am financially independent and capable of providing my family a better quality of life. I still remember when my father was admitted to hospital and required medical treatment immediately, I was blessed that the income I earned from my Mary Kay business was enough to cover the high sum of medical charges during that time, and I was able to accompany him throughout the whole process.

This is why I truly love the Mary Kay values especially Balanced Priorities. It has taught me to get my priorities right. I now put faith first, family second and career third in my life. The flexibility of this beauty career allowed me to spend quality time with my family, at the same time I can afford to provide them a quality lifestyle and give my children a better education. Most of all, I am able to be with my family when they need me the most, giving them my support emotionally and financially and let them be worry free!

What do you love about Mary Kay?

Mary Kay business is not only about offering awesome products, it is also a company full of "HEART"! The most attractive part in this beauty career is to give my blessings to others. Along this beauty journey, I have witnessed the transformation of every woman who has entered Mary Kay into a better person, we are not only richer financially but also spiritually as we uphold the Golden Rule and Go Give spirit in everything we do without hoping for any returns. We are enriching other women's lives around us, helping them to catch their dreams and achieve their goals. Above all, it touches me the most to see my unit members grow and bloom into successful ladies with grace and confidence. I am truly thankful to be given this opportunity to help other women and be proud of their achievements! In Mary Kay, you can be anything you want.

Can you please share your philosophy of life with Mary Kay sisters?

Through Mary Kay business, you will reap eight balances in life, which includes personal development, beauty and selfconfidence, financial independence, happy family, achievements, relationship, health and recreational, wisdom and peace. I always share the benefits of eight balances in life with others. And of course, Mary Kay's Golden Rule where you treat others with a sincere heart without expecting any returns. I carry this value dearly while carrying out the mission of enriching women's lives and live it as the foundation of my career.

My dear sisters, persevere and accomplish your dreams, hold on to your faith, because your determination is the force that drives you forward and realize all your dreams! Let us continue to pass on the Mary Kay mission, spread the love of Mary Kay!