It has come to our attention that unauthorized third parties have contacted our customers by portraying themselves as "Mary Kay Makeup Course Organizer / Mary Kay Modelling Contract Provider" and misusing our name in relation to the following services:

1) Mary Kay Make Up Course (with charges)
2) Mary Kay Modelling Contract (with monthly fees).

We would like to remind our Independent Beauty Consultants and its customers that there is NEVER a charge on our skin care classes and make up classes. It has long been a traditional part of the Mary Kay program for Independent Beauty Consultants to offer skin care demonstrations and instructions on a complimentary basis.

Please note that the Company does NOT offer any modelling contract and we DO NOT engage any modeling contract that pays a monthly fee. We would like to inform our customers that all Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants carry a registration number. Should there be any abnormal activities such as asking hefty sum for joining Mary Kay activities, please ask for their Beauty Consultant number and call our customer service hotline at +603-7711 7500 to verify the validity of the course.

The Company would like to remind Independent Beauty Consultants and customers that they should be aware of such scams. If you think you are being targeted by one of these scams, we advise you to contact the Company's Customer Service hotline at +603-7711 7500 immediately and report to us. Kindly provide us with information as much as possible, ie. phone number, details of activities, evidence of soliciting for unauthorized sale, and any other information will greatly facilitate further investigation.